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D Day Tour

The objective of this tour is to provide you with a visit to the most significant area of the
American military activity that took place on the 6th June and immediately afterwards.
You will attend a briefing at the D-Day Battle Tours HQ
You will visit these most important historic locations:

Sainte Mère Eglise – the famous church and Airborne Museum.
Utah Beach – German fortifications and Utah Beach Museum, where the 4th Division invasion took place.
Pointe du Hoc – where the Rangers scaled vertical cliffs to capture German gun positions.
Omaha Beach – memorials to the 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions, German strongpoints, the draws (natural gaps in high ground).
American National Cemetery – Colleville. Pay your respects to the 9,387 US servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

These tours can be made up by single parties, individuals or groups.  
entrance to the Airborne Museum in €110 per head, per day. an integral part of the tour, is 5.50Euro per person with discounts for children .

Prices from: €110 per head, per day.
Please go to Pricing, Payment & Reservations page for important details.

D-Day shared tour; minimum 440 Euros up to 4 people
and extra people up to 8 at 110 Euros


2 Day D-Day Tour

The objective of this tour is to incorporate all of the most significant events of the D-Day tour into a schedule also

concentrating on the activities of the US Airborne in Normandy and, time allowing, a brief visit to the British sector at Arromanches - Gold Beach.

Day 1
Sainte Mère Eglise & Airbourne Museum - The first town to be seized by
the 82nd Airbourne on the 6th of June 1944
Visit to private museum.
The Manoir de la Fière – The statue to Iron Mike and the infamous causeway.
The ambush site of General Falley – Commander 91st Infanterie Division.
Crisbecq Battery - A Uniquely restored German gun positions.
Utah Beach. - The most successful of all the invasion beaches.
Brécourt Manor – Scene of the famous attack by E Co 506 PIR.
Sainte Marie du Mont - The first town to be liberated by the 101st Airbourne
WXYZ – Les Mezières – location of famous action by Staff Sergeant Summers.

Day 2
Visit to Dead Man's Corner and Purple Heart Lane
Arromanches – Remains of Mulberry, the famous British floating harbour.
Visit the extraordinary museum dedicated to the design and construction.
Longues Battery - The only German fortification left with its guns in tact
Pointe du Hoc. -The famous German gun battery stormed by the 2nd
Ranger Battalion.
Omaha Beach - Where American troops paid the ultimate price for a great success on D-Day.
American National Cemetery at Colleville
La Cambe – The main German cemetery for Normandy & the burial site
for 22000 dead German soldiers.

2 day Private Tour 660 Euros per day up to 6 people.
Extra people up to 8 at 110 Euro per person.




Private Tour

Private tours bring a special focus to your tour with D Day Battletours  and provide the ultimate in experience and satisfaction Experience has shown that the majority of clients have chosen Private Tours - Why?
They can be commissioned by your families or groups of your friends or by asking us to seek others to share your tour to a maximum of 8 persons. In the case of single family or group bookings you can follow our suggested itinerary or we can help you plan your own tour.
You can adjust the timings and the itinerary along the way to suit any changing circumstances.
You visit, free of charge a private museum where equipment, arms and uniforms can be discussed in depth and handled (children love this) Visit to historic house and garden in Sainte Mère Eglise with its own unique history.
Please visit the Guestbook to read all their reviews.

We can assist in your hotel accommodation in the Sainte Mere Eglise area and in your travel arrangements.

The objective of the Private Tour is to provide a gold standard experience.
The basic itinerary shown below can be altered to encompass requested destinations by prior arrangement, we are able to be as flexible as far as time and distance constraints allow.
You will attend a briefing at the D Day Battletours HQ .
You will visit these important locations

Sainte Mère Église....
Utah Beach
Brecourt Manor here the Dick Winters and his men neutralised the four German guns in a classic attack
Brief stop at Sainte Marie du Mont - to look at the unique village centre and church
Pointe du Hoc.....
Omha Beach.....
American National Cemetery at Colleville
La Cambe German Cemetery - a stark reminder of the price paid by young men on both sides

Private one day tour minimum 660 Euros up to 6 people one party
extra people  up to 8  at 110 per person





To reserve your tour please contact us by email giving number of persons and a preferred tour type and date. We normally respond to enquiries within less than 12 hours.

Advance booking is always to be recommended to avoid disappointment, especially during the summer months.

Private one day tour minimum 660 Euros up to 6 people one party
extra people  up to 8  at 110 per person

D-Day shared tour; minimum 440 Euros up to 4 people
and extra people up to 8 at 110 Euros

2 day Private Tour 660 Euros per day up to 6 people.
Extra people up to 8 at 110 Euro per person.



We make every effort to find  others to make up  tours in order to share the fee
please contact us via email to request availability on your chosen dates


At this time, we provide tours mainly covering activities in the American sectors. The British sectors will be gradually included in future itineraries.

We currently offer three types of tour, which vary in length and coverage depending upon your timescales and interest.

The itineraries outlined for each tour represent a set format and are called Standard Tours.

Please remember that these itineraries can be changed to suit individual or group requirements, and such tours would then become Private Tours for the purposes of Pricing

"My wife and I spent a day with Ellwood in November and had a remarkable day. Ellwood's knowledge of the events surrounding D-Day and beyond are unparalleled and his warmth and sense of humor simply made it a day to remember. We were deeply touched by what we learned, and especially grateful for the time Ellwood took in his own home to help us understand all that led up to the battles of Normandy. We will do it again!"

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